Six Months Have Come and Gone

So much has happened since March 14th, 2015. DJ and I have been on mini road trips, camping trips, attended family events, social gatherings with friends and much more. The last six months have been full of fun and adjustments but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m not great with words and don’t always know how to express myself to friends or family about how I feel about them and it’s hard at times even with DJ but I know that I am one lucky girl who has been so greatly blessed this year and in this marriage. DJ is more than just a blessing in my life, he is my strength, supporter, friend, protector, teacher, guider, of course my partner in crime and much more. DJ is going to make a wonderful father someday and I can’t wait for our children to learn what it means to be a strong and faithful Christian just like their father.

I won’t say that the last few months have been easy but I sure wouldn’t trade them for anything. Thank you for loving me DJ and for everything you have done and taught me. Looking forward to all of our future adventures together! Love you to the moon and beyond!

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