Boldt Castle and 8 Months To Go!

Yesterday DJ planned a special date day for us. We had been so busy the last few weeks that we were in need of an adventure day. It all started off with breakfast at this cute little bakery/chocolate shop in Alexandria Bay followed by a quick drive to a surprise location. We did however end up a little turned around (silly GPS lol) and drove right past the surprise but found the Thousand Island Winery instead, which resulted in a wonderful wine tasting and the discovery of five wines that we both liked. Then we were off to the surprise location-the Aqua Zoo!!! It was a great surprise because I love aquariums. We saw some really cool sharks, fish and reptiles; even ones that glowed and others that were tattooed. After spending some time there we headed back to Alexandria Bay for ice cream and a stroll and another surprise-a boat tour with a visit to Heart Island home of Boldt Castle. It was beautiful and very peaceful. Because it was such a romantic place and for the cheesiness of it, I had DJ make a heart around our two national flags that were flying on Heart Island! 😀 I guess we were meant to be 😉


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