67 Days

It’s mind blowing to think that in 67 days I will get to say “I do” in front of our friends and family to the most wonderful man and best friend a girl could ask for. When we first picked out date I was excited because it was so cute and just the right amount of nerdy-ness (totally us) but yet at the same time I was a little saddened as it was a full year away and that meant “patiently” waiting to have forever with DJ. As many of you know I’m not a patient person when I am very excited about something so it wasn’t going to be an easy to wait. All that said I can’t believe that almost ten months have gone by and that we are in the last stretch. There is so much to do still but it will be fun and we have some amazing people in our lives who are helping us out! Thank you to everyone for all the support and help during this time! It is going to be one awesome celebration!

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