20 Days

With only 20 days left to go and we are down to the very last details. I am so excited to see everyone at the ceremony and reception and share with you all how happy DJ and I are. In the 16 months that we have been together we have faced ups and downs and some were very overwhelming and might I just say I definitely didn’t handle them well but every step of the way we had each other and knew we were on the same side (had to be reminded of that a few times a long the way but I knew it was true in my heart). I told DJ the other night that for so long I yearned to be a mom because I wanted to love someone so completely and know that love in return but now that I have met the man that God had planned for me that yearning is fulfilled, which is so amazing. Don’t get me wrong I still so completely want to be a mom and share that with DJ but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything anymore or that I’m playing catch up to friends who have children. I feel that when the time is right we will have children and it will be more wonderful than I could imagine. I am so blessed to have someone who loves me so completely as DJ does, who supports me but at the same times doesn’t put up with my ridiculousness and calls me on it. God has been showing me more and more as we move closer to the wedding that DJ is the absolutely right person for me and that I need to always remember that. Love you babes! xo

One thought on “20 Days

  1. Well Saarah and DJ it’s getting very close…I can feel your energy and at the same time exhaustion. I am so thankful that you see God’s hand in your union…never forget that,when times get tough. Everything is in place, enjoy the day…look for the beauty in everyone who comes to share this day with you. We love you.
    I pray that you can join together in a song…”All that we are, all that we do, all that we’ll ever be, we offer now to you”.oh God
    looking forward to the day

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